Microsoft Azure Administrator(A-Z-104)


Microsoft Azure Administrator(A-Z-104)

Section 1: System Configuration and Management

  • Introduction to Linux
  • Distributions of Linux
  • Installation of Red Hat Linux on Virtual Platform

Section 2: File Management

  • Access the Command Line
  • Manage Files from the Command Line
  • Create, View, and Edit Text Files
  • Control Access to Files with Linux File System Permissions
  • Monitor and Manage Linux Processes
  • Vim and Nano editors
  • Find and Grep command

Section 3: User Management

  • Creating new Users
  • Changing/Setting password for Users
  • Deleting Users
  • Getting information of Users
  • Getting password hash of Linux Users

Section 4: Group Management

  • Creating new Groups
  • Adding users to Groups
  • Creating Admin user for a Group
  • Removing users from Group
  • Deleting Groups
  • Getting information of Groups

Section 5: Storage Management

  • Create, Delete, and Format Partitions and File systems
  • Configure Swap Space
  • Mount and Unmount Network File Systems (NFS)
  • Extend Existing Logical Volumes
  • Create and Configure LUKS-Encrypted Partitions

Section 6: Network Configuration and Management

  • Configure Network Settings
  • Activate and Deactivate Network Interfaces
  • Configure Host Names and Name Resolution
  • Configure Local Network Services (NTP, SSH, etc.)
  • SSH and SecureCopy configuration
  • Use Firewalld to Configure a Basic Firewall

Section 7: Managing Containers with Docker

  • Install and Manage Docker
  • Pull, Push, and Commit Docker Images
  • Run and Manage Docker Containers
  • Docker Storage and Networking

Section 8: Security Administration

  • Configure Firewall Settings with firewalld
  • Set Up SSH Key-Based Authentication
  • Configure Logging

Section 9: Automation and Deployment

  • Manage Simple Shell Scripts
  • Automate System Tasks with systemd
  • Schedule Future Linux Tasks (cronjobs)
  • Manage Software Packages (yum)
  • Configure Network Services to Start at Boot